Monday, November 20, 2006

Now, that's radical

Yesterday the New York Times ran an article on children raised by lesbian couples with the active involvement of a (usually gay) dad/donor (and, sometimes, of the dad's partner too), the arrangement popularized by the TV series Queer as Folk. With about half of marriages ending in divorce, many children are raised with three or four between parents and step-parents, living in different households, so one of the moms is right to protest that there is nothing exceptional about the families profiled in the articles. "We want the same things that every other family wants!" she said, "We shop at Costco; we shop at Wal-Mart; we buy diapers. We’re just average. We’re downright boring!"

One of the fathers, however, had something truly radical to say about what he hopes for a child, that he could become
a great mathematician who goes on to become famous and prove great new theories or something along those lines.

Hear, hear!