Sunday, November 05, 2006

LA mysteries

Why are, in this heat, women wearing those formless huge boots that look like moon boots covered in suede? And doesn't it feel odd when their friends are wearing flip-flops?

Why was the invitation to see an advance screening of Borat three weeks ago only valid for people age 17 to 34? The opinions of some 35 year olds can be priceless, however demographically undesirable they may be.

And what possesses people to cruise on a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Toyota pickup trucks are for cruising. Italian race cars are for racing. If you can spend \$200,000 on a car you can most definitely afford a speeding ticket. And you certainly do not want to drive at 20 mph on the left lane (in a 35mph zone), even if there is a car with good-looking women on the right lane. Not when there are cars behind you that are trying to go somewhere.

Finally, not that it has anything to do with LA, but you must have heard the story of Tedd Haggard, the influential Evangelical pastor who allegedly used crystal meth (an illegal drug) and had a three-year relationship with a 49 year old male prostitute. In an interview (see below), he admits buying meth and meeting with the guy. But: he threw away the meth, each time, after buying it, without consuming it, and he only had massages from the guy. And how did he meet this guy, who advertised on the internet as an escort? Via a referral from a hotel in Denver. What was he doing in Denver? He goes to stay in hotels in Denver to write his books. Then, again, the insurgency in Iraq is on its last throes, so this is not a completely unlikely scenario.

What strikes me in this story is the 49 year old male prostitute. I don't mean to sound ageist, but, seriously, a 35 year old is too old to comment on a movie, but a 49 year old can be paid for sex?

Other people are striken by the fact that Haggard campaigned for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. One is remainded of congressman Mark Foley, the former chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, who was discovered to be quite the exploiter of minors himself.

One may think of such people as hypocrites, unless, that is, one is a reader of national review, where David Frum analyses the matter with rare moral clarity. You have to read the piece by yourselves to believe it but, in short, Frum is saying that it is more moral to live a lie and cheat on your wife than to live the life of an out gay man. The point is, if you really have to be gay, at least have the decency to be miserable about it and, if possible, ruin someone else's life.

Which somehow reminds me that the federal government is going to fund an initiative to promote abstinence among adults age 19 to 29. Twenty-nine! I assume they are recruiting male engineers as motivational speakers and role models.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    11/05/2006 09:49:00 PM

    Somebody should get Haggard to take a polygraph test. That story had more holes in it than a drugged-out heroin addict.

  2. Blogger Luca
    11/06/2006 01:13:00 AM

    Here is his encounter with Dawkins on youtube.

    Scott, about the difference in impact: a very large number of Americans share the same essential misconception about natural selection, while (I think) a comparative smaller number employs 49 year old prostitutes.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous
    11/06/2006 08:06:00 AM

    Luca is right. We 'merkuns like our prostitutes young and tender.


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