Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where do you come from?

In the month of July, the top referring sites for In Theory were, in this order, the Complexity Blog, Shtetl Optimized, my Berkeley home page, 3d Pancakes and Talk Talk China.

The top searches were less predictable: after various combinations of "Luca", "Trevisan", "blog" and "In Theory," the top search phrases were "Welcome Yonatan," "Fourier analysis of boolean functions," "Aridatece la Gioconda" and "Poincare conjecture." I wish good luck to the person who searched "How to get faculty housing at Columbia," and the one who searched "how to be dreamy." I hope never to meet the person who searched "'try it yourself' zidane." But it's "pizza hut food stand theories" and "theory of club floors" that I really can't understand.

USA (more than half of the total), Canada, Italy, Israel, and Germany were the nations with the most readers.

Cheers to the Hong Kong readers, who have come here a total of 68 times in July putting Hong Kong ahead of Japan and Australia (but behind Taiwan!) in the statistics that really matters. See you soon: I'll visit the Chinese University of Hong Kong in January.


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