Saturday, April 01, 2006

Home, queer home

This afternoon I am out with my \$13 jacket (not the one that looks like a sport jacket and that is hard to pull off) and we run into our most upper-class gay friends, taking a walk with their child. "Luca, you always look so fashionable" one of them approves. Woo hoo! It passes the queer eye test.

Andalu has a 45 minutes wait for dinner, and we stroll through the Mission used books stores. In one bookstore, the owner is telling a customer about alchemy, immortality, and aliens. There are two, competing, races of aliens, I overhear. The lizard-like ones are indigenous to Mars, and it was their Luciferous experiments that turned the planet into what it is now. Then they moved to Earth, to Atlantis, and we know how that ended. George W. Bush, unsurprisingly, is a lizard-like alien himself. Another bookstore has a shelf devoted to China. I pick up a book at random: "Gender and Change in Hong Kong: Globalization, Post Colonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy". It's available from Amazon if you are interested. How much I love this city!

Dinner at Andalu is \$82 for two people, welcome back home, Luca.


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